Hockey Pitch Construction

Blakedown completed the construction of a full-size synthetic hockey and football pitch at the Ridings High School, now Winterbourne International Academy, in Bristol.

This exciting new sand-dressed pitch, surfaced with Edel LSR/NDR sports turf, is lit by an eight-column static floodlighting system and was completed with 3m high weldmesh perimeter fencing.

  • Client: Winterbourne Academy
  • Contract Type: JCT
  • Contract Value: £375,000
  • Build Time: 18 weeks

As part of the project, Blakedown also constructed a new 1000m2 tarmac bus-park with vehicle shelters and incorporating painted netball court markings for use during school hours.

The facility was completed with Blakedown carrying out peripheral landscaping works, including the formation of a spectator mound using 1500m3 of top soil excavated from the pitch construction, building a block-paving access path around the pitch, and redeveloping the school's boundary wall.

Location: High Street, Winterbourne, Bristol, BS36 1JL

Sand-dressed hockey pitch at Winterbourne Academy
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