Acrylic MUGA and Outdoor Gym

Blakedown were employed by Westminster City Council to construct a new 25m x 16m multi-use games area at the Paddington Recreation Ground. The playing surface selected for the MUGA was a green acrylic-coated tarmac with markings for basketball, mini-tennis, mini-football, and volleyball.

  • Client: Westminster City Council
  • Contract Type: JCT Minor Works
  • Contract Value: £107,000
  • Build Time: 8 weeks

The project included a new outdoor gym with fixed equipment pieces set onto a two-tone green acrylic surface. The whole facility was then completed with 3m high twinbar perimeter fencing, 1.2m high spectator fencing down one side of the court, corner floodlights, and sports equipment for each of the primary sports specified.

Location: Randolph Avenue, London, W9 1PD

Acrylic MUGA and Outdoor Gym at Paddington Recreation Ground in London
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